A Barmen is a species of rat like creatures found within the land of Barmy in the computer game Thi N' Thar. The Barmen used to be the dominant species on Barmy. Then however humans and other civilised creatures took over; realising the Barmen are a threat, Humanity pushed them to the edge of extinction. This is because the humans where scared of the Barmen; or should it be said, there higher form.

Name -Edit

Barmen (Pronounced B-ar-men) is a mash up of the words Barmy and Men. Barmen. Not to be confused with a Bar Man; Someone who works behind a bar such as Joyel.

History -Edit

The Barmen ruled over Barmy and treat it as their Garden of Eden. They however had to share their world with a pest known as Humans. These Humans began to cut down forests, consume food & create waste. The Barmen soon became wary of the Humans and so when they became angry over this the Barmen transformed into there higher state. Layin waste to everything around them. If it was not for the almighty power of who humans call "Eldar"then Barmen would have destroyed Barmy with there almighty rage. Eldar stoped the Barmen and in the process killed more than 40,000 Barmen on there higher state. Something that Humanity could not do with less than 5 higher Barmen with an army the size of Rome.


Barmen are shaped like mice but have strange iner workings. For a start the Barmen have the ability to talk. They are just as smart as people & tend to be marvelous fighters in both forms. You see the Barmen's have two states of transformation. They have there lower state & there higher state. In there lower state they are vulnerable but just as caring and honest as people. They lose there mind in there higher state. It is thought impossible to control this state. The Barmen only change into this when they are controled by a everlasting rage that cant be quilled. In higher state they take on a lot of inspiration from the super saiyan transformation on Dragon Ball Z.

Noteable BarmenEdit

In Thi N' Thar it is unknown how many Barmen we will see but here are the ones we have so far:

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