Joyel owns the bar at Camp Gledhill. Camp Gledhill can be found on the 3rd stage Abbotts Hill. Joyel is not playable but has 3 missions to complete for him. Each Mission will grant the player with a Northern Star . The Joyel mission set must be completed in chronological order. Two missions can be completed by Thi N' Thar and the third must be completed by Thar when he enters a mouse hole in Joyel's Inn.
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Joyel as of 25/10/13

Mission ListingEdit

Here and bellow are a list of missions that Joyel brings to the table.

Wex Hunter -Edit

In this mission Joyel asks Thi if he can go get back his Wex shipment. A slow burning green wax like substance that when you melt it on a fire makes you happy and lifts your spirits. There is a big demand for Wex in Camp Gledhill, Joyel gives Thi one of his Northern Stars for getting back the shipment from the evil Goblins at the swamp near Camp Gledhill.

Joyel's request -Edit

In this mission Joyel asks Thi N' Thar to travel to the Viaduct at Abbots Hill. The bridge is been controlled by a massive Goblin camp. Thi N' Thar must clear the viaduct of these vermin. The Viaduct serves as a main bridge to shift goods from Camp Gledhill like the Wex they make from Wex Bugs.

For simular details on these mission and what must be done and other missions see Thi N' Thar Missions.

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