Thi N' Thar platform researchEdit

This research was created by Joe Allen Tattershall (2155506). This research log tells you what and where i got any ideas from. I looked through several magazines. Here are the Magazines & Issues i read:-
Research log for platforming games research & Ideas

My research Log as of 24/09/13

  • Official XBOX Magazine - Issue 41
  • Xbox 360 Magazine - Issue 46
  • Games Master Magazine - Issue 194

I also used primary research findings such as First Hand game experiance. Although some games where not all First-Hand experiance the majoriety are. Secondary Research is when i look through the Magazines and take ideas from the Reviews/Previews.

Research & IdeasEdit

Here is a compilation of my Research & Ideas.

Castle CrashersEdit

Castle Crashers Info
Title Castle Crashers

Side-Scrolling Hack & Slash

Format Xbox Live Arcade


I Like the toony graphics and the violence is cute. However it is the feature on Castle Crashers that lets you pick up and swap weapons. This feature is simular to the game Fairy Tale Fights. However i feel castle crashers does it better.

Weapons Pickup Idea

Idea taken from castle crashers.

The Idea:

Diffrent weapons can be picked up along the course of the level as the player goes along. These weapons should be breakable and have no more than between 10-30 Uses. With exception of the gun where you can find bullets 

from dead enemies. The gun will break after you run out of bullets Max=5 or when the gun's health reaches zero.

Super Mario GalaxyEdit

Super Mario Galaxy Info
Title Super Mario Galaxy
Genre Platform Adventure
Format Nintendo Wii


I like the Mario Idea of completing challenges in a open world level to beat the game. The more challenges you complete the more worlds you unlock. On Super Mario 64 each world had about 10 Stars and some stars couldnt be won until you progressed further through the game. Also you got a clue as to where each star was and that was all.

The Idea:

Northern Star collectable idea

Taken from Mario Galaxy/64

Collectables like coins; worth diffrent point values and end game items like Mario's starts should all be Intergrated here. I would like a collectable called a Northern Star. Every Time you Collect a Northern Star the N.S.P counter goes up and up and up. The N.S.P (Northern Star Power) when filled up works like a level up system. You are rewarded with a new ability or power. This idea wont be effective in the 2D version but would be highley effective in a 3D version.

Crash Bandicoot 3Edit

Crash Bandicoot 3 Info

Crash Bandicoot 3

Genre Platform Adventure

Playstation 1


I like the Crash Bandicoot idea of gaining powers as you progress through the game. This does clash with the Super Mario Galaxy/64 idea a little with my N.S.P meter. However i love Crash Bandicoot's simplistic powers like Double Jump, Stomp & Bazzoka.

The Idea:
Powerup Ideas

Taken from Crash Bandicoot

Even in the 2D version of the game i would also like to have powers. These are one of the main ingrediants to any Fun & Enjoyable Platforming game. Powerups like;

  • Double Jump
  • Stomp
  • Climb
  • Glide
  • Increased Health/Magic
  • Dive

should all fit into Thi Thar wether its 2D or 3D. If i was to add more attacks and spells i reckon i could crank up that Fun Factor. 

  • Double Jump & other cliche' powers like it should all be considered essential. Triple Jump Anybody?

Rayman IIIEdit

Rayman III Info
Title Rayman III
Genre Platformer
Format Playstation 1


I like the Hub world i rayman 3. Its colourfull & creative. One level may lead to another or branch of to other levels and bonuses. The branching levels could be multiple paths to the same boss level.

The Idea:

Taken from Rayman III

A hub world simular to Raymans for my 2D version of Thi N' Thar. The map must have numerous stages and branching stages that meet up and lead to bonuses. There should also be a boss every 6th or 11th stage. 

Banjo-Kazooie Edit

Banjo Kazooie Info
Title Banjo-Kazooie
Genre Platform Adventure
Format Nintendo 64


I ike how Banjo-Kazooie worked together. Banjo been the hero and Kazooie as his cookey sidekick. This may aplly to plenty of platformers like Ratchet & Clank or Jak & Daxter. 

The Idea:

Thi & Thar separate characters Idea

Taken from Banjo-Kazooie

I am thinking outhside the box here. Lets say Thi is our Hero and Thar is his Sidekick. This would give 

me more choice and accesability when creating characters and bringing the Powerup idea to life.

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