SunCake is the fair and just ruler of Utopia. She has no idea of Barmen or the trouble caused by the Darkar. All she knows is that her city and its people are safe.

Name –Edit

Her name was chosen by the people of Utopia. It means she is both Bright & Sweet. Although it is obvious the pressure of been a ruler of such a large empire at such a young age is taking its tol on SunCake.

Appearance –Edit

SunCake wears a tight leather tunic, a royal Hat & two fabled daggers called Ping and Pang. She wears boots made by the finest tailor in Utopia and a royal necklace that is empowered with her blue blooded family’s spirit.

In Game Appearance –Edit

SunCake Appears when Thi is searching for Thar. SunCake at first does not like Thi, they do battle. After Thi wins, she agrees to help him. What Thi doesn’t know until they find Thar is that she is royal blood. When you beat her, she agrees to help on the condition that you retrieve Ping from the horrible Stone Golem’s of Riptide Canyon. The Golem’s have set up a settlement at the top of the Canyon. When Thi arrives he finds a lot more than he bargained for.

Missions –Edit

Suncake has several missions, most missions are not necessary with the exception of retrieving Ping. Each Mission however is very rewarding as if you complete all SunCakes Missions you are rewarded with the Utopia Arena to play in and there are 4 Northern Stars up for grabs. Her final three missions are not available until Joyel takes her and Thi N’ Thar up to Utopia.

Ping, and the rocks are gone! –Edit

In this mission Thi must retrieve SunCake’s blade called Ping, to go with Pang.

Thar to the rescue –Edit

In this mission Thar must prove his might by learning to control his higher state power better. He Must Save Utopia from the Darkar.

Shadows Rising –Edit

In this mission SunCake, Thi N’ Thar must travel to the core of Utopia where a Darkar is becoming active.


In this mission Thi N’ Thar must fight in the new arena.

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