Thar is the cute little companion of Thi. Thar fits in Thi's pocket and is sort of like the little thing big packages 


Thar Concept

come in. For a start he has a secret power of transformation. When Thar wants he can transform into a humongus ape simular to the Super Saiyan transformation in Dragon Ball Z. When Thi N' Thar first meet they do battle  (see Thi vs Thar). After Thi transforms back into his normal state he is very tired and falls to sleep. Thi is gobsmacked by this, but Thi has a good heart and picks Thar up, placing him inside his shirt pocket.


Thar's name comes from Barnsley slang for Your. This name was chosen because the game takes a lot of inspiration from the mining town of Barnsley. His species is a Barmen .


Thar is a nomad and has no home. He is also a scavanger and takes whatever little food he can find in his pouch he carries around with him. Thar calls the whole of Barmy his home and loves sharing his world with all the freindly people he meets there.


Thar was born 3 years previous to him and Thi's encounter. The Barmen age, every 1 year is like 4 to them. So Thar is really 12. The Barmen are seen as somewhat of a threat in modern day Barmy. However they where worshiped like gods in the old Barmy days. 


Thar has no family to his knowledge. But this couldn't be further from the truth. In chapter 5 Thar meets his family up in the Coastal town of Port Fort. Thar has a brother called Screw. However his brother is twisted and working with the Evil forces that present danger to Barmy. There is a fight scene where Thar & Screw must fight in Port Fort Lake in there Barmen Higher State (see Thar VS Screw port fort). Thi watches helplessly as Thar is beaten down by Screw. Screw uses alsorts of Barmen power that is first seen here. 


Thar has two forms and both forms have Powerups. Thar's powerups are more attack based, especialy after Chapter 5. There are a few powerups that Thar uses that are fun to use and help the player get around. Here is a list of powerups for Thar's lesser form.

  • Whistle - The player can sign this to the Thar powerup button and either enjoy Thar's whistling or whistle an enemy to come over to get there attention.
  • Store - The Player can access Thar's pouch through the ease of access menu , This allows you to select any items such as health & magic boosting items to use while you play.
  • Barmen Blood - The Player can assign this to the Thar powerup button to increase damage resistance and attack power.
  • Hole Goal - Thar can enter holes to small for Thi to access by pressing the action button (Y) when prompted.

Now here is a list of powerups that Thar can use in his higher form:

  • Barmen Wave - Pressing the Thar powerup button will allow Thar to clap his hands creating a supersonic wave that stuns enemies.
  • Barmen Pulse - Pressign the X button will allow Thar to shoot a beam from his mouth destroying everything in its path. This move takes down the Higher Timer by 20 seconds and must recharge.
  • Barmen Stomp - Pressing the A button will allow Thar to stomp on the floor creating a shockwave.

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