Thi N' Thar is about two characters who must work together to defeat the evil monsters that are poping up allover Thar's world.

Chapter 1Edit

The story begings one lazy after noon when Thi hasent even met Thar yet. He is resting on a hillside, comfortably minding his own business and watching the clouds float by. He sits up and stretches reaching for his Sword & Yawning. He takes it and sticks it in the ground in order to help pull himself up. He rubs his eyes and looks to the bottom of the hill. Through some trees he can see something moving. Its only a silhoutee of a strange creature. Its a Margar. Thi has never seen one of these things before and so out of curiosity follows the Margar.

He comes to a strange tunnel. The wind is howlling from the other side of the tunnel. From inside the tunnel Thi ears a ROAR! Thi pulls out his sword and readys himself for battle. He walks into the tunnel hoping that his curiosity will not get the better of him. This will start the First Level. This level is called:Ghost Tunnel . At the end of the level is a Northern Star

Ghost TunnelEdit

Thi enters the tunnel sword in hand and ventures deeper into the tunnel. After Thi learns to look around and move he runs down a side tunnel into another section of the Ghost Tunnel. Thi must jump onto a higher platform of the Ghost Tunnel. This is where Thi learns to jump. When he reaches the highest platform there is a rumble through the tunnel. Thi looks up as huge bricks come crashing down on him causing a cave in. The player can no longer go back so must venture onwards. Afterwalking down a dark corridor Thi hears another roar. A humongus fist comes flying through the Tunnel roof and gives the player light. It is Thar's higher state hand.

Main EventsEdit

Chapter 1Edit

  • Thi Meets Thar
  • Thar attacks Thi
  • Thar reveals his transformation power
  • Monsters attack the Brighthill castle
  • Thi N' Thar save the castle
  • Thi N' Thar become freinds
  • Thi N' Thar dispose of brighthill Boss

Chapter 2Edit

  • Thi N' Thar travel to Abbotts Hill
  • Thi N' Thar arrive at Camp Gledhill, When they get to Joyel's Inn they meet Joyel.
  • Thi N' Thar get back the Wex shipment.
  • Thar deals with Joyel's Rat Problem & finds the Rat Gun.
  • Thi N' Thar go defeat the Goblin King and find a strange Stone.

Chapter 3Edit

  • Joyel tells Thi N' Thar about "the all knowing fella".
  • Directs them to Lifton Range .
  • Thi N' Thar reach the bottom the Lifton Range; they then enter Lifton Tunnel
  • They are attacked by Shundar.
  • Thi N' Thar must beat Lifton Ruins.
  • They are saved by Lifton Miners, Chunk & Fooder.
  • Introduced to Lifton comunity.

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