The following is a collection of Ideas for World 1 in Thi N' Thar


I want my first world to be all green and beautiful as i know is common in games of this sort (Platformer). However common it may be, i feel it works perfectly. There are a few things however i want in this world. And i am to assume the game is in 3D i would like to throw a few things in there. The following is a list of a few things i want to intergrate into this world.

  • A Castle
  • A Pond
  • A Big old stone Bridge
  • A Shrine
  • A Tribe of people who believe that they are been controled by an almighty Toad
  • A sensible person from the tribe who believes otherwise
  • A tunnel from which Thi emerges from


I was thinking something like Brighthill. {See my personal theory on name's for Thi N' Thar here}

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